Grant Application Form

If you wish to apply for a grant you need to provide us with information about yourself (the Applicant), your household circumstances and the child or young adult who will benefit from the grant (the Beneficiary). Please take the time to read our data protection policy.

Basic Requirements/Guidelines for a GrantStep 1 of 9
Please read the following requirements/guidelines carefully and confirm that you meet the basic requirements to apply for a grant.

  • All requests for grants must be by this application form and be on behalf of a specific Beneficiary
  • The Beneficiary must be a child/young adult aged between 2 and 20 years of age when the application is made
  • The Beneficiary and their family must be legal residents of England or Wales
  • The Beneficiary must be adopted or have diagnosed special need(s)
  • The family income of the Beneficiary must be less than £50,000 per annum, including any benefits/maintenance payments
  • Providers of therapy/assessments/training will be assessed by Sophie’s Moonbeams Trust which reserves the right to refuse grants to those providers it deems to be inappropriate.
  • Grants are paid directly to providers and NOT to the Beneficiary or their family
  • The application form must be completed truthfully
  • Sophie’s Moonbeams Trust will ask the applicant to provide further supporting documentation as certified copies eg proof of diagnosis, ID, income, when the application is shortlisted. We cannot accept emailed or photocopied documents
  • All applications are at Sophie’s Moonbeams Trust’s discretion and are subject to the availability of funds
  • Sophie’s Moonbeam Trust reserves the right to decline any application and has no obligation to provide a reason for an unsuccessful application