Service Providers

If you are a provider of any of our approved therapies or training, and have families who cannot meet the full costs, we may be able to assist with funding.

We offer grants to families with children who are adopted or have additional needs. The families will have a household income below £50k. We offer grants three times a year with closing dates at the end of January, May and September.

What you or your organisation offers must be a direct benefit to the child and your recommendation must make clear what you expect the outcome to be. We will set up a contract with yourselves and if the family is successful in their application we will raise a purchase order. You will then raise an invoice according to the terms of the purchase order and we will pay you directly. Grants are only available for a limited time so if they are not taken up the money will be retained in the charity.

You will be required to demonstrate you operate a safeguarding policy appropriate to the service provided.

We also expect that you are members of a national professional body appropriate to the service provided (where one exists).